Loans for Companies without Certificates and For Any Purpose

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 KredytMarket offers loans for companies without certification and for any purpose for persons running a single business activity.

Running our own business, we can not always easily and quickly obtain an additional loan or loan in the bank for the development of our business. Banks tend to approach such people with caution and very often require them to submit many additional documents. If you also find yourself in a situation like that and you need additional financing, then the KredytMarket offer may be an alternative.

One could say that the KredytMarket brand was created by entrepreneurs with a view to entrepreneurs. Well, people who are involved in this project, have a lot of experience in running their own companies as well as are or have been previously associated with the banking industry. In the KredytMarket team, we will find a member of the supervisory board of a large bank, the founder of our own start-up or owners of large enterprises. All of these people have their own contribution to the activities of KredytMarket and their main assumption was to create a financial product that will be easily available to entrepreneurs, and at the same time will not be a product expensive in repayment as many non-bank loans for companies without certification.



What, then, can I offer KredytMarket to a self-employed person? The offer includes a company loan in the amount of PLN 10,000 to PLN 50,000. Such a loan may be granted to a person running a single company for a period of 3 to 6 months. We will be able to read the costs of the company loan before applying for it, using a special calculator on the website. I admit personally that I was pleasantly surprised because I can only confirm that these costs are not excessive at all, and what’s more, in some situations they may even be more advantageous than the company loan taken out in the bank. The advantage of KredytMarket is additionally supported by the fact that no additional documents such as the Book of Income and Expenditure (KPiR) or certificates from ZUS and the Tax Office will be needed here. What’s more, all formalities related to the loan can be dealt with remotely, without having to visit bank branches.

Who is the company loan in KredytMarket for? It can be obtained by any person who has been running a business for at least 24 months. In addition, it has a company account with at least a 24-month history of receipts, which should indicate that the company generated sales in that period. The credit history of the person applying for a company loan will be verified both in the debtors’ databases as well as through the BIK database. Therefore, we should not have significant delays in paying off bills, invoices or loans that would have been recorded in these databases.

At the end it is worth mentioning that the KredytMarket loan can be used for any purpose . Therefore, we do not have to indicate what exactly we want to allocate the borrowed cash to. The decision to grant the loan should be made within 15 minutes and the loan paid directly to our bank account, even on the same day.


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