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 Feniko’s offer is mainly characterized by the fact that it enables obtaining a loan with a 4-month repayment period, i.e. the payment is made in 4 monthly installments.

Soon, providing payday loans with only a 30-day repayment period may turn out to be problematic for companies that provide them. Mainly I mean even new Google guidelines in Adwords campaigns and limiting the broadcast of payday ads with only a short payback period or too high interest rates. Such problems should certainly not have Feniko, who gives 4-month loans, and at not too expensive costs.

Feniko is a new brand on the non-bank loan market, for which Dagona Sp. z o. o. with headquarters in Tychy. Of course, in order to get a loan from them, we do not have to go on a trip to the town famous for brewing the brewery. We will arrange all formalities related to the Feniko loan via the internet and we will receive the money straight to the bank account.

A loan from PLN 300 to PLN 1000 for 4 months – which definitely distinguishes Feniko from other loan companies is definitely the repayment period of the loan which was closed within 4 months. In the company, therefore, we will not get a loan with a shorter or longer repayment period. We can regulate the amount of the loan we want to borrow because it can be from PLN 300 to PLN 1000.


The cost of the loan itself is not too high, although it can not be concealed that we will find a few cheaper offers on the market, such as the cheapest Wongi loan I described yesterday or the cheapest non-bank loan up to PLN 5000 in Aasa . In any case, Feniko’s offer is not one of these expensive offers, and may be of particular interest to those who can not get extra cash because of the bad BIK history, because according to my information, the company does not check this database when verifying the borrower’s details.

The main conditions that Feniko pays for obtaining a loan are 18 years old, living in Poland and obtaining a positive credit risk assessment (as part of which the debtors’ records are verified).

Feniko Opinions – a traditional option within the described loan companies is the opportunity to express your opinion about the company I am describing. So if you had the opportunity to use the services of the Feniko company, I invite you to express your opinion on the Feniko loan.


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